A Typical Session

    I like to start off with about five minutes of a fun math trick or puzzle. Something to get the interested and excited. Yes, math is fun!

    Goal setting is an important skill to develop. We take time to work on your child’s goals. This may be to memorize their times tables better, or get really quick at factoring. We set aside part of the lesson to work on these goals and doing “fast facts.” Fast Facts can increase your speed on basic skills. This will be helpful when learning new concepts, so you can focus on the new information instead getting of taking time to remember what’s 6x8 or how to solve the equation. 

    We then focus on a main concept or lesson. During the summer, we work on reviewing skills you’ve practiced in the previous grade and getting a head start on ideas coming in the next grade. During the school, we’ll talk about what they did in math this week, and review if they have any questions on homework or concept from that week. I think to use worksheets, whiteboards and Khan Academy to cement these new ideas.

    I do provide “homework” (a small amount of problems and skills to work on) that go along with what we’ve learned. If you’re child is feeling stressed, because of other work or because they don’t understand the concepts, don’t worry about it. I’m happy to review and help during class.