Videos and other Online Resources for Math

    Over the summer, it’s especially important to keep your mind thinking. Practicing with worksheets, workbooks or Khan Academy are resources for practice. You can go at your own pace, with questions fit for your level, and easy to follow video tutorials.  

    These are some of my favorite Math You-tube Channels (located below). They “teach” math concepts in a fun and easy to learn way. Vi Hart makes some great videos, including the Hexaflexagon video (under My Blog), Numberphile tackles some harder math puzzles, PBS Math Club takes concepts and acts it out with kids and Math TED Talks have interesting lectures relating to math. 

    Fun websites (on the left) turn math into fun games and puzzles. They even give some extra problems so you can really master the content. There’s so many fun ways to explore math on the web. 

Vi Hart




PBS Math Club



Khan Academy


Math TED Talks